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Information resources, sorted and delivered.

Inhub is powered by Flightdec

We are awash with online information resources. That's great, except that bad and unreliable information is mixed in with good quality resources and is often the source of dangerous disinformation. In fact, common search engines frequently highlight the most unreliable content.

Inhub provides a solution.

Now, reputable entities with quality resources (or with permission access to resources), can gather links to resources pages (in any website) and create any number of Inhub pages, each displaying links for a specific purpose and audience. For example, a page might be called ‘Aquatic education resources for primary school and kura teachers’.

Sample page header

Each page is then broadcast – using Flightdec’s unique content sharing capabilities – and the page is automatically displayed in other websites. The page is targeted, according to topic and audience, and receiving websites can filter according to the website’s purpose, e.g. a business website might receive only ‘business resources’.

*Broadcasting is automatic in Flightdec enabled websites. Other platform website can receive through use of a simple iFrame.

Key benefits

  • Users of resources need to be the priority. No more search confusion and unreliable content, with targeted and content-specific pages, makes more sense for users.

  • The facility is entirely free and self-managing to entities with quality online information resources – Inhub will accredit by invitation or approval.

  • Each resources page is viewed in multiple websites, but the self-managed page is managed in one place. Edit or delete the page and it edits and deletes automatically in all places.

View example receiving pages here (external website page will open in a new window).


If you have quality online resources worth sharing, talk to us.




Or you’d like to discuss how your community might benefit from sharing quality resources, contact us directly.





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