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Information resources, sorted and delivered

Your invitation to make resources pages


High quality online resources are an asset to you and the community. But only if they're delivered to the people who need them.


There are millions of online resources pages in the world, but how can we find what’s trustworthy and truly useful?


1. Quality: Gather together the links to your trustworthy and useful resources.

2. Sorted: Use Inhub's smart online tools to sort the links into display pages for easy online reading.

3. Accessible: Send your display pages out into lots of targeted websites where it's relevant and easily found.

If you have quality online resources worth sharing, talk to us. It's completely free.


SHORT VIDEO: "Just imagine we had a sturdy bridge between quality resources and the people who need them. And what if the bridge delivered an abundance of something – trustworthy resources."

Inhub is a free offering that’s powered by the unique website capabilities of Flightdec. Those capabilities enable the capture of links, to quality resources, into a display page that is relevant to a target audience (broad or narrow), then shared to any number of websites where it’s exposed.

Inhub was launched in March 2022 with a starting handful of resources pages, but we are building in steps.

You can view an example receiving page here (external website page will open in a new window).





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